Reality of the Secret World



The Secret World 

by Isa Abdallah al Kanadi


In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

All Praises be for Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.

The Beneficent, the Merciful.

Sovereign of the Day of Recompense.

You we worship, and You we seek for assistance.

Guide us to the Straight Path.

The path of those on whom You have bestowed Your grace,

Not of those who earned Your anger (the Jews), Nor those who went astray (the Christians).

The Holy Quran: The Opening.



The Story Good and Evil


The Chosen People


King of Zion


First Entry into Europe


The Craft


Progress and Christianity


The World Abroad


Novus Ordo Seclorum


The Final Conflict


Jihad in the Cause of God


Appendix I


Appendix II


Appendix III


 The Story Good and Evil 


And (have We not) shown him (man) the two highways? But he has made no haste on the path that is steep. Holy Qur'an: Al-Balad verses 10 and 11.

The confrontation between the forces of this world, plays itself out in a complex story, of the events that unfold through the many machinations that men create, by their various endeavours, composed of all sorts of intentions. To the public in general, things do not seem to have any particular pattern, nor does there seem to be much meaning behind most events. That for the average person, there is not much significant outside his daily coming and goings. But a careful examination of the interplay of these conflicting forces, reveals complicated, cleverly schemed operation, which displays the actually deeply meaningful course of reality. That life is the conception of a much more sophisticated wisdom than what we had previously envisioned. The following is a humble attempt to expose some of that reality. We are in a particular period in time, when darkness is predominating. Some of what you are about to read may appear fantastic, but we must remember that our failure to apprehend such matters, is merely the sad fact of underestimating our own selves. We underestimate the potential for good and bad in human beings, because we underestimate ourselves. God created us with an intellect, but we fail to exercise it to its true potential. The capabilities of our intellect lie far beyond what we suspect.

This text is merely a brief resume of the subject, only to introduce the reader to it. Most facts, are presented with the bare minimum of evidence, but the reader can further explore each matter on his own in order to further feed their accounts. He will find its evidences at every step he takes, if he doesn’t satisfy himself merely of reports from others, but investigates matters for himself. Not forgetting to take full advantage of his intuition as a guide into subjects that need inquiry.


The Chosen People


The Jews were chosen by God above the rest of mankind to be an example of righteousness. However, they allowed pride to overcome them, misappropriating the title of Chosen People, to mean they were worthy of God’s favours at the exclusion of everyone else, in compliance with their desires, not God’s. They have become instead, an example for humanity of the extreme of man’s ingratitude to his Creator.


O Children of Israel! call to mind the (special) favour which I bestowed upon you, and that I preferred you to all others. Holy Qur'an: Al-Baqarah, verse 122.

Though not professed by all Jews, the view that has come to predominate is Zionism. It is an ideology derived, not from their actual religion, but is rather a way in which they interpret that religion. They believe that God chose them above the rest of mankind, for some special virtue on their part, to give them a land. They see their relationship with God as that of a covenant made between He and them, that He promised them a land, the Promise Land. Consequently, they are called Zionists, because the focus of their belief, is the return to the land of Zion, Israel. Once they are to dwell in the Promised Land, as is said in the Bible, their messiah will come, and they will rule the nations of the world in peace.


As we can see, it is in the very foundations of the Jewish belief, that they are superior to the rest of humanity, and that they are destined to rule the world.


Say: "If the last Home, with God, be for you specially, and not for anyone else, then seek you for death, if you are sincere." But they shall never seek for death on account of the (sins) which their hands have sent on before them. And God is well-aquatinted with the wrong-doers. You wilt indeed find them, of all people, most greedy of life, even more than the pagans: Each one of them wishes he could be given a life of a thousand years: But the grant of such life will not save them from (due) chastisement for God sees well all that they do. Holy Qur'an: Al-Baqarah verses 94 to 96.


God promised Abraham He would make his descendants to dwell in the land between the Tigris and the Euphrates. They believe this promise to represent their covenant with God. But, their covenant with God was not that they were to be given a land, but that they were required to obey certain commandments. God took a covenant from the Children of Israel, and We appointed twelve leaders among them. And God said:


"I am with you if you establish regular prayers, pay alms and believe in My messengers; honour and assist them, and loan to God a beautiful loan. Verily, I will wipe out form you your evils and admit you to Gardens under which rivers flow. But if any of you after this, resists faith, he has indeed wandered from the Straight Path. Holy Qur'an: Al-Ma’idah verse 12.


And remember We took a covenant from the Children of Israel: to worship none but God, treat with kindness your parents and kindred, and orphans and those in need; speak fair to the people; be steadfast in prayer; and give alms; then did you turn back, except a few among you, and you back slide (even now). Holy Quran: Al-Baqarah, verse 83.


Because their hearts grew hard they twisted the truth to accord with their desires. They didn’t want to comply with God’s commandments, but they wanted the status of Chosen People. As a result, they chose to believe they were chosen because of some special virtue, and that such status was not conditional on any kind of behavior.


But because of their breach of their covenant, We cursed them, and made their hearts grow hard: they change the words from their places and forget a good part of the Message that was sent them, and you will not cease to find them, except a few, bent on deceit: but forgive them, and overlook (their misdeeds): for God loves those who are kind. Holy Quran: Al-Ma’idah verse 13.

They changed the meaning of the covenant to simply being a promise to be given a land, totally disregarding the condition of obedience to the commandments. Choosing instead to believe that they were deserving of God’s favors regardless of their behavior, because they were chosen by Him. Moses led them out of Egypt to dwell in the Promised Land. Because of their constant transgression, God was displeased with them, and wished to punish them, but Moses begged God to fulfill his promise to Abraham. So, though He was displeased with them, He allowed them to dwell in the Promised Land, only to fulfill His promise to Abraham. After the reign of David and Solomon, they were carried off into captivity at the hands of Nebuchadnezzar, ruler of the Babylonians in 586 BC. The Temple, Temple of Solomon, the center of Jewish community and a symbol of Jewish identity, was destroyed for the first time. Upon their return from Babylon, they re-established themselves and rebuilt the Temple. Several centuries later, in 70 AD, the Romans ransacked Jerusalem, the Temple was destroyed once again, never to be rebuilt, and the Jews scattered across the many parts of the world.


And We decreed for the Children of Israel in the Book, that twice would they do mischief on the earth and be elated with mighty arrogance. When the first of the warnings came to pass We sent against you Our servants given to terrible warfare: they entered the very inmost parts of your homes; and it was a warning (completely) fulfilled. Then did We grant you victory over them: We gave you increase in resources and sons, and made you the more numerous in man-power. If you did well, you did well for yourselves, if you did evil, (you did it) against yourselves. So when the second of the warnings came to pass, (We permitted your enemies) to disfigure your faces, and to enter your Temple as they had entered it before and to visit with destruction all that fell into their power. Holy Quran: Bani-Israel verses 4 to 7


A central aspect of the Jewish religion, and in fact all religions is the coming of the expected Messiah, who is to guide all the nations. Every religion has foretold of the coming of the great Messiah, and by all signs available, it is the Prophet Mohammed who was being described. Because he was not Jewish they refused to accept him even though they recognized him as they would their own sons. The Christians believe him to be Jesus son of Mary. In any case they are still awaiting him. When he comes he will be their king, King of the Jews, the King of Zion. He will rebuild the Temple and they will rule the nations of the world in peace.



King of Zion

Consequently, the Jews formulate ways by which to realize such a destiny and bring about their rulership of the world. Certainly it is not the case that every Jew participates consciously in this plan:


"There are among them some that are righteous, and some that are opposite..." Holy Qur'an: Al-Baqarah, verse 168

Its proponents comprise merely a section among them. It merely serves their purpose that the slightest suggestion of any Jewish malice prompts accusations of anti-Semitism on the part of those not in the know. It may just be a sign of their corruption that they do not expect God to hand them the world. Maybe it stems from the biblical concept that God helps those who help themselves. In any case, they actively pursue the realization of their purported destiny. As a result of deliberately twisting the idea of being Chosen, they disregard the rights of the rest of humanity. The Talmud, the ancient book of Jewish jurisprudence, outlines such an attitude. The Jew is better than a non-Jew. The Gentile, or non-Jew, is viewed as being a mere brute, present on this earth to serve the purposes of Jews, like cattle. Just for example, Jews are allowed to expropriate the property of non-Jews, as well as charging them interest on debt, which is forbidden between themselves. Though Jews were themselves forbidden usury, they are nearly solely responsible for the forging of banking institutions throughout the centuries, and of which today they completely dominate. It has also been the backbone of their strategy. As far back as Ancient Greece we see the influx of Phoenicians from the coast cities of Ancient Palestine, establishing a new merchant class of money-lenders rivalling the Greek aristocracy. Their strategy is essentially Machiavellian. Any form of treachery is acceptable, if an when it serves the greater "good", the fulfilment of the destiny of the Jewish People. The end justifies the means. Their ill intent for humanity can be traced throughout the centuries. Monopolizing the manufacture of weapons, practicing usury, pitting nation against nation, and pillaging the earth’s stores of gold. There is some controversy as to when exactly such efforts came into inception. Some say they began around Solomon’s reign, approximately three thousand years ago. Others claim it was initiated as a response to Jesus’ mission two thousand years ago. The plan essentially is to deceive humanity into constructing a world empire whose rulership they will ultimately take hold of once its authority is secured. Then, to establish their awaited messiah as the ultimate ruler of humanity. This messiah is known to the Muslims as the Dajjal [Anti-Christ].



First Entry into Europe

Having been confronted with the mischief of the Jewish People, nearly every country in Europe expelled them, and they were banned entry up until only a few hundred years ago. Their first re-entry into Europe was by way of England. In 1649, Mennasseh Ben Israel financed Oliver Cromwell, enabling him to overthrow the monarchy of Charles I. Now known as the Glorious Revolution. Once their chosen ruler, Charles II, was installed, they moved quickly to repeal the law banning them entry into England. They immediately proceeded to create a new system of government now known as Parliament. The benefit of a parliamentary system to the Jews is that it completely debilitates the process of governing by confounding it in futile babble. Through banking, the practice of "money-lending" for which they are famous, they infiltrated the industry of the country. Themselves adding to it, or fuelling it with a new infusion of funds through loans. As a result, we have what is now known as the Industrial Revolution. Whereby, the Jews transformed modern industry by a massive build up of production and manufacture. The tale that can now be told, of the extent of abuse and exploitation that took place during this period, is a sad one.



The Craft

To implement such a plan, the Jews needed to recruit a secret army from among the Gentile, non-Jewish citizens of their host nation. Devised by the middle of the eighteenth century, was a secret society called the Illuminati. Adam Wieshaupt, an apostate Christian, who had been commissioned by a group of Jewish men, to formulate a plan by which to appropriate the rulership of the world by "peaceful means", conceived of its concept. A certain Bauer from Germany originally founded this society, who later changed his name to Baron Mayer von Rothschild (after the emblem of his guild: a red banner encrusted with the picture of an eagle clenching a handful of arrows. "Rothschild" in German means "red shield". Not coincidental is the use of the red flag in communist revolutions). This society was called The Illuminati because it was to be directed by a group of men who were to be "illumined", men professing the practice of special esoteric knowledge. Recruiting many influential people, this society managed to permeate the upper echelons of European society. Emerging to replace the Illuminati in the following centuries, was the society of the Freemasons. Freemasonry was also capable of attracting a great deal of prominent people. Including, not only businessmen, heads of industry, but also major figures in government and the aristocracy. Including the crown in many cases. The entire British royal family has a long history of membership in Freemasonry. The present queen of England, Elizabeth II, is the Grand Patroness of Freemasonry. The recruit is offered to participate, through his membership, in the establishment of a new order based on Christian principles. Also, he is assured that his financial future will be secured by the many contacts he is to receive, as well as the "brotherly" assistance that would be available to him through various avenues. Most importantly is the secret knowledge of the Craft, which he is promised to be introduced to. In return he is required to swear absolute allegiance to the Brotherhood and, to obey the orders of the thirteen elders, whose identity would to him remain unknown. Moreover, he would be subject to gruesome punishment and death if he were ever to divulge the secrets of the organization. Other affiliated organizations are The Rosicrucians, Skull and Crossbones, the Rotary Club, the Lions Club and the Shriners. The theme of the organization is of course masonry. But it is masonry because their efforts in trying to forge a new order, is symbolically represented as the rebuilding of Temple of Solomon, each member helping to lay the bricks. Moreover, the basis of the cult of Freemasonry, is the initiation to the esoteric knowledge, having supposedly been passed down from King Solomon. The Craft they learn is magic. A knowledge the Jews have managed to preserve over the centuries.


They followed what the Satan’s recited over Solomon’s Kingdom. Solomon did not disbelieve but Satan’s disbelieved, teaching men magic and such things as came down at Babylon to the angels Harut and Marut. But neither of these taught anyone (such things) without saying: "We are only for trial; so do not blaspheme." They learned from them the means to sow discord between man and wife. But they could not thus harm anyone except by God’s permission. And they learned what harmed the, not what profited them. And they knew that the buyers of (magic) would have no share in the happiness of the Hereafter. And vile was the price for which they did sell their souls, if they but knew! Holy Qur'an: Al-Baqarah, verse 102.


The cult is divided into 33 degrees. Each degree is marked by its own initiation ritual and science that is taught within it. Each level introduces the initiate to higher levels of secret knowledge. At the entry level he is introduced to the most basic understanding of what Freemasonry is all about. But, with each subsequent level he is told that what he was introduced to at the earlier level was not actually what the Craft was really about, and that he would now be introduced to a true understanding of the purpose of the Brotherhood. Every time he ascends to a higher level, he is reindoctrinated in such a manner, so that his idea of the purpose of the cult is transformed as he is promoted to higher echelons. The earlier initiates are duped into believing that the organization is a Christian one, and that its aims are Christian. According to 33rd degree Freemason and 19th century American politician Albert Pike, the god of freemasonry is the Devil. In fact the name of their god is Jah-Bul-On. It is only at the higher levels that the true nature of the cult is revealed to the member, and that he becomes a conscious worshipper of the Devil. Several figures are 33rd degree Freemasons in our time, one such being Ronald Reagan, former president of the United States. He was responsible for the establishment of the Church of Satan in California, a diabolical church, of which many high profile personalities are members, including Mick Jagger, who is a high priest.


Progress and Christianity


Usury according to Christianity is forbidden, so those figures exercising power in the economy had an interest in the deterioration of the Church’s authority. Those interested in the establishment of a banking system, to reap the profits of usury, needed to pick away at the power of the Church. By weakening the Church’s authority through its various methods of dispensing propaganda, the people’s growing desire for loans, the pressure to conform to an increasingly interest oriented business world, and the Church’s own corrupted tendencies, they managed to force the Church to yield on its stance against usury.



Spiritual Influence

It had been necessary to eliminate Christianity, not only because of its hindrance as a potent political body, but as well because of its influence over the mentalities of the Europeans. To create a citizen geared to optimum levels of production, citizens would have to be hard working. The best slave is the hard-working one. Secondly he would have to be motivated to spend everything he earns, so that manufacturers may sell their products. Therefore, it would be necessary to inculcate greed. The other-worldliness of Christianity stood in the way such indoctrination. 


Discrediting Christianity

The method used would be propaganda, to place doubt as to the legitimacy of the Christian religion. Not only did the Church’s own corruption and hypocrisy, once exposed, work formidably against it, but once scientific research had unearthed the incongruities of the Bible, it was finally possible to discredit Christianity entirely. Furthermore, the Theory of Evolution if misinterpreted suggested an altogether different concept of reality. The European then searched for an alternative belief system. The Jews were there to fill the vacuum with an assortment of "new" or "progressive" ideas. 



It is thought that Gutenburg, by the invention of the printing press, liberated mankind from ignorance by making literature available to the common man. Yet, by seizing hold of the new publishing industry, Jews managed to control the entire range of material that would now be available. They produced an array of materiel designed to upset the power of the Church, by a new line of writers and philosophers (usually Freemasons) whom they would themselves help bring into prominence. Consequently, the latter part of the eighteenth century is now known as the Age of Enlightenment. The wording "enlightenment" should be carefully noted for it was forged by the "illumined" or "enlightened" members of the Illuminata. Most of the major figures of the Enlightenment in fact were Freemasons like the renowned Frenchman Rousseau and the writer Voltaire. The essence of the Enlightenment movement was that it marked the beginning of "free thinking". In other words, that it was considered the first major movement in secular thought, or irreligious or even anti-religious thought. 


Liberty, Fraternity, Equality

A primary example of where this was put into place is France. Once the people had been freed from the Church’s hold, they were overcome by a new tide of revolutionary ideas. They easily absorbed the Freemason ideals of Liberty, Fraternity, Equality that became the slogan of the French Revolution. Now that the concept of the monarchy being a power vested by God was fully suspended, motivated by their new ideals, spurred on by the agents of Freemasonry, the French revolted against their Aristocracy. It had been necessary to destroy the aristocracy because it contained the authority of the state within hereditary bonds. Once such a barrier was removed, the new Bourgeoisie, or middle-class merchant, took the reigns of power, now that power was accessible to those able to manage mobility within the industry. Russia in 1918 should be interpreted in a similar fashion. Karl Marx, himself a Jew, was commissioned to write Das Kapital by Freemasons, which they used to create the Red Empire, over the ashes of the Russian aristocracy. Since then the Soviet Union has been entirely dominated by Jews, from the KGB to the Politburo.



USA Inc.

In the USA, the Jews can be seen dominating every aspect of American industry from banking, to manufacturing, to the media, as well as such national institutions as government and education. These are manipulated to transform the USA into a massive weapons production centre, or as has been termed, a Military-Industrial-Complex. To build up the might of the West, not for its present bogus conflicts, but to be eventually used to secure the power of a world empire. 



In the middle of the nineteenth century, banks started encouraging the buy-out of certain companies by others. Instead of several companies competing within the same market, it was seen as more advantageous to merge them into a single monopoly, or at least a collection of a few companies in a certain field, in order to maximize profits. Therefore, there began a merger movement, where whole sectors of industry came to be dominated by a few very large companies. These buy-outs required massive loans, which were of course financed by the banks. By imposing conditions on loans or requiring the appointment of specific people, or even representatives, on the board of directors of these companies, the banks found a way to exercise control over the industry. The United States’ many banks came under the authority of a few major banks. Massive financial groups thus appeared, composed of large corporations and their financial institutions, each headed by a major bank or banks, distributed throughout the major industrial areas. Already by the turn of the century, fifty percent of the industry of America was under the direct or indirect control of a few major banking powers. This merger movement continued throughout the century and goes on up until this day. Now companies are so huge, called multi-national corporations, that they diversify their activities in several fields simultaneously and across national boarders. For example a major corporation may own an industrial plant in steel, a clothing chain, a food producer, a publishing company and a television network all at once. If they wish, they can exercise their influence in one field to effect their profits in another. For example, they can create a television program, along with a complimentary book series or a magazine, to advertise the products they manufacture in another field of industry. Just as many toy giants animate their products on Saturday morning television. Or, the Children’ Television Workshop, producer of the "award" winning "educational" children’s television program, Sesame Street, is composed entirely of businessmen and financiers representing the major financial groups.




It is a mystery to many people as to what makes Americans so patriotic. The reason is simple, they are the victims of a grand scheme designed to foster adoration for their nation. Principal to a system intent on the control of human beings, is a mechanism for propaganda, to inculcate values favourable to the authority in charge. There are several media used to this purpose: television, radio, film, newspapers and literature, but more importantly the educational system. The major financial groups of the United States appropriated control of the universities already early on in the century. Universities are wholly dependent on funding from boards of trustees, which are composed of corporate individuals from the financial groups. Taking advantage of the universities’ dependence on their funding, the financial groups pressured the universities to conform to specific agenda. School curricula were entirely rearranged. With such a large infusion of "charity" the universities were forced to abandon many of their former methods of education, in favour of those fields of study that were to directly benefit the corporations, at time remove undesirable members of faculty, and were required to construct facilities to enable the kind of research that was preferred by the leaders of industry.



Social and Natural Science

The universities were divided into two fields of study: natural sciences and the social sciences. The basis of study of the natural sciences was to serve the major corporations with necessary research. It is through scientific research that innovation and inventions are stimulated. Invention and innovation firstly generate greater wealth by enhancing industrial productivity, and by introducing new commodities into the market. But the primary objective is the development of military technology. Study in the social sciences is to serve a two-fold purpose. The fields of study include economics, sociology, psychology, political science and history. First of its purposes is to indoctrinate. To inculcate values appropriate for the efficiency and perpetuation of the system. The second aspect of social science is the study of human beings. To analyse the behaviour of human beings and their reactions to different stimuli. Such study is designed to reveal methods to make the population more productive, i.e. what are the causes of possible apathy; reactions to certain programs implemented by the corporations through its various agencies (governmental or otherwise); what are viable incentives to increased productivity; and how to detect revolutionary sentiment before it erupts. All is coordinated to create a self-perpetuating system, geared to high levels of productivity, in order to build up might and wealth. Though most professors or researchers are not aware of the actual agenda at hand, they are required to submit an application if they wish to pursue research in a certain area. This application is subject to approval of the administration, and thus to the corporations who have set the criteria for approval.



Formulating Interpretations

All agencies that direct or make recommendations to the educational system, such as the US Board of Education, the National Research Council, the Heritage Foundation and so on, which are nearly entirely composed of business professionals from the major financial groups, formulate "proper" interpretations of history readied for the educational system, and designed to inculcate appropriate attitudes. The "interpretation", that Americans now believe as reality, is as follows: The universe is entirely materialistic. In the beginning there was a great explosion, the Big Bang, that created the universe. Through a series of accidental mutations, life evolved by Survival of the Fittest, from the simplest organism, to various species, to apes and finally to man. In the early stages of humanity, man was faced with a great struggle with the chaos of his environment. He was forced to cope with the violent forces of nature as well as constant threats to his life. The cave man first formed a sort of knife from stone. Then he discovered fire. Then he invented the wheel. And such he progressed through time, continuously better adapting himself better to his environment. They believe that every successive innovation helps to alleviate the burden of their existence, and that it is through the evolution of technology and the advancement of science that their lives are improved. Through it, they can seek to cure all his ills, not only to alleviate their physical existence, but they will also eventually solve all social and even spiritual problems. Through it he will find salvation. It is such that the entire system is geared to the idolization of science. In education, great emphasis is placed not only on the study of science itself, but also on the study of the merits of science. The biographies of the great that contributed to the progress of technology are studied in some detail.



Idolization of Science

In such a way they make science their primary mode of activity, dispensing a great amount of their effort towards scientific research, without suspecting that they are merely being enslaved. National programs, such as the space program directed by NASA, are initiated in great prestige, that the society may believe its efforts are expended towards a noble cause: the advancement of knowledge. While in actuality, it has been initiated to stimulate research towards the development of advanced weaponry. The greatest degree of technological innovation for the military is drawn from discoveries made in the space program. And everyone believes they are just trying to land on the moon!




To disguise the horror of the reality of what is modern day America is the following "interpretation": Once man had significantly progressed from the mental darkness of his pre-human stages, he made his intellectual birth during the Ancient Greek civilization in philosophy, when he first began to question his existence. Socrates first tackled the dilemma of the ideal political system and came up with a theoretical system he called Democracy. Man’s political concepts evolved through time, through the Renaissance, to the Enlightenment, to the British parliamentary system, and finally, to the checks and balances of the multi-party democratic system of the United States. Leading Americans to believe they are citizens of a democracy, the best system evolved for mankind.


National Policy

Americans are not of a democracy, they are citizens of a corporation. They are deceived into believing that the authority of the country resides in the government, which is supposedly democratic. In actual fact, those who hold power, who make decisions over national policy and who hold sway over the said government, are the corporations and their leaders. The government is merely a smokescreen to hide the fact that there is no government in the US, and that decisions over national policy are really decided in favor of corporate interests. Americans are indoctrinated into believing in the legitimacy of the present system, but specifically, the idea they are to conclude is, that it is the best system available and, most importantly, that they should not seek to change it.


Life, liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Those who pass through the American educational system carry these ideas to the rest of the population through that which they produce when they enter the media industry, in magazines, newspapers, television, radio and film. Notwithstanding the fact that the media are owned and controlled by the major financial groups, wrapped up in a complex network of ownership among multi-nationals. As Caesar said: "…give them bread and circuses". Once the masses are fed they merely require the adequate dose of fantasy in order to be kept passive. Exhausted from extended hours of labour, without the energy to pursue issues more thoroughly, the American worker returns home to digest a half hour of information’s equivalent of baby food: the six o’clock news. Satiating his desire to remain informed with a brief report on "reality". To dissipate his excess stress, television is prepared with a full menu of intellectual junk-food, spiced with the appropriate amount of propaganda. There are films, sports events, and an assortment of literature that deals in fiction as well as "non-fiction". For those not deceived by the flagrant mediocrity of the popular media, there is a selection of material available that presents a facade of intellectualism, but is no less vacant of substance, and which is merely a more sophisticated type of indoctrination, designed for the upper levels of the society. This array of trash entertainment provides a steady diet of fantasy, advertises the wares of the market, and of course thoroughly hypnotizes. They arouse lust and greed. Glamorise that which is first devoid of virtue, but inaccessible to most, if not entirely non-existent. Such circuses: the Academy Awards, rock concerts, the Super Bowl, high fashion, Time magazines, pseudo-intellectual McNeil-Lehrer News Hour, modern art exhibitions, Saturday Night Live, MTV and so on, nurture political apathy, by legitimising indulgence in selfish and trivial pursuits as opposed to confronting current injustices. For if man is not a moral being he is an animal, or even worse.


Vice or Virtue

If one were to be God-fearing, he could not be transformed into the optimal subject of a system geared to maximum productivity. He needs to be wholly materialistic. Therefore it is necessary to remove his concept of God and the Afterlife. By first divesting him of his knowledge of God and the Afterlife, the concept of accountability is removed. For as long as he understands the consequences of his actions, he could never abandon his better conscience for the sake of personal indulgence. But, without belief in accountability, he is easily manipulated, simply by arousing his desires. He easily compromises his conscience simply because he is afraid of what people think, or because he is afraid to cause decrease to his wealth. Though the level of hypocrisy and injustice increase around him each day, he is bewildered by his enflamed passions. Where he once might have felt the stirrings of social responsibility, he is defeated by the onslaught of suggestive messages, and he ignores his better conscience for the fulfilment of the base desires of lust and greed ignited in him. Where he would have once felt disgust or outrage, he now finds rationalizations, excuses; and the pursuit of his own selfish aims gains validity. He conveniently denies the wrong that makes itself evident day by day, so as not to place in jeopardy the attainment of his wishes. The rest of humanity, the victims of the oppression he indirectly contributes to, that stand to gain from his initiative, must wait. Thus has he forsaken God. For you cannot serve two masters. It is either vice or virtue. But he makes a pact with the Devil to turn a blind eye to inequality in return for the fleeting treasures of this world.

Those who desire the life of this world and its pomp, to them We shall pay in full (the wages of) their deeds therein, without diminution. Holy Qur'an: The Prophet Hud, verse 15.


The World Abroad

American Culture

The complete indoctrination of the American people suffices to exert control on the rest of humanity. From their base in America, they can export not only their material products, but they can export "American Culture". It effects the necessary changes upon the mentalities of peoples elsewhere, freeing them from traditional forms of belief and adapting them to the "modern" world.



Nearly the entire world economic system is controlled by a gigantic infrastructure of multi-nationals, their subsidiaries and their affiliates. The major banks of Western countries, who have direct access to control of industry the world-over, themselves fall under the authority of their central banks. These in turn fall under the authority of the World Bank. The concept of "development", is merely double-speak to hide another more insidious agenda. Funded by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), "development" of a country means to enslave that country to the western economic system, by introducing western means of production, which are usually owned by, or at least serve the Western industry. It also enslaves that country to repayment of loans, presenting the World Bank and the IMF yet another mode of coercion. Two thirds of humanity live at a level of subsistence. By imposing a system of import tariffs, Western countries "protect" their markets, create an arena of unfair competition, and thus the multi-nationals keep the Third World back deliberately at staggering levels of poverty to ensure cheap labour and cheap raw materials. For the First World. The "free" world.


Puppet Governments

The West exercises its authority over nearly every government of the world. The Post-Colonial period is really a Neo-Colonial period. The masses of the Third World have been duped into believing that through their struggles for "independence" they have freed themselves from the colonial powers. The fact is that the colonial powers recognized they could more easily retain control of their colonies if they removed their presence, which caused too much animosity, and was generally expensive. In their stead they fostered the establishment of native governments favorable to them. Puppet governments. Therefore the governments of the Third World countries are merely extensions of the Western hegemony. As a clue, a sign of sure Western influence is the presence of a Western style government in a given country. Upward-mobility within their institutions is conditional on the appropriation of western values. The Western educated not only make adequate replacements in government, but can be hired for lower pay to run foreign owned operations. In order to suppress potential revolutionary movements, on the part of victimized populations wishing to alter their predicament, brutally repressive regimes are installed or supported by the Western capitalists. As in Saudi Arabia, which is really Zionist controlled, where not only is vicious brutality used, but also by placing the appropriate amount of religious facade, they deceive even the most ardent Muslims.


Impostors and Agents

In the non-Western world there is a great deal of membership in Freemasonry, that nearly all aspects of Third World societies are pervaded with agents of Freemasonry. In some cases, as remote as African chiefs or, as significant as the religious clergy of Islamic countries, are recorded as holding membership in Freemasonry. Many times Jews play the role of impostors to suit their purposes. For example King Fahad of Saudi Arabia is a Jew, King Hasan II of Morocco is a Jew, as were Tito of Yugoslavia, Lenin and the Ayatollah Khomeini [ Shia’ism was created by a Jew named Abdullah ibn Saba during the time of Hadhrat Usman (ra) Khalifate, to create dissent within the Ummah ]. There is evidence to suggest that the Pope is also a Jew. If the West wishes to carry out a policy in an Arab country, which may contradict the tenets of Islam, it weighs its influence on its leader (usually Freemason), who uses his influence on his clergymen, who in turn churn out the necessary religious verdict, permitting the implementation of their blasphemy. As happened when America wanted to install its troops in the Gulf, the appropriate Fatwa or religious verdict was passed by the Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Bin Bazz (he has since passed away, may Allah forgive his sins. As for us, the Rasulallah (saws) advised us against insulting the dead, so beware.), based on extremely tenuous evidence.


Novus Ordo Seclorum

State of Israel

Central to the Zionist plan was the creation of a Jewish homeland, the pu